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JTTawney 22

A Cool Hobbit Bond of Friendship idea that I got. Pretty simple piloting: Folco Boffin reduces your threat from the beginning, Frodo allows for even more threat reduction and readying, Merry will also reduce your threat, and Tom Cotton will defend while summoning a hardy army of hobbits. Thorongil is for Merry, so he can reduce your threat and become a killing machine. Merry is the optimal hero for this Four Hobbit deck, but I also really wanted Tom Cotton, so Thorongil gets me both! As for the rest of the deck, it's pretty simple. Fast Hitch could go on either Merry or even Rosie Cotton. Gandalf is there, just for fun (And because I needed more neutral cards) Pipes are also included for fun and for thematic reasons.

Comments are greatly appreciated!


May 13, 2022 NERD 27

I would consider adding Red Book of Westmarch for resource acceleration and questing. Hobbit Pony would also be nice tolet Merry quest if there are no enemies revealed that round (Also allowing him to be boosted by the book. Another Bill the Pony would save the squishy hobbits and Elevenses could provide threat reduction down to secrecy level (I would definitely go the secrecy route with this deck). If you don't like secrecy, consider putting Throrongil on Frodo Baggins to help with archery or extra defense. That way you could cut the unthematic Ioreth. Other cards I would cut would be the second copy of Robin Smallburrow and Old Toby.

May 13, 2022 NERD 27

By the way, you cannot have 3 Bywater Shirriff

May 13, 2022 NERD 27

Sorry, some of my comments are irrelevant as I did not see the sideboard.

May 13, 2022 JTTawney 22

the 3x Bywater Shirrif is an error on my part. Red Book of Westmarch is a fantastic card, but it's a little pricey for this deck, especially with Frodo Baggins spending his resources a lot. Hobbit Pony is a great card for Merry I think more secrecy is another good idea, but because there are so many things going on in this deck (pipes, lots of great allies/attachments), I would have to make some hard cuts.