The Eagles are Coming

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Galadriel 12

The Passage of the Marshes thematic deck


May 13, 2022 JTTawney 22

Guided by Fate seems a little broken to me. That kind of encounter scrying (not to mention almost ensuring you will get your Eagle of the Northor Ranger of the North) seems a little overpowered. Maybe that's just me, though.

May 14, 2022 Swordthatwasbroke 539

@JTTawney In my opinion a lot of the ALeP cards are overpowered when compared to the rest of the game. They all have cool synergies, but the cost/effect balance is way off. It feels like they took Glorfindel and Light of Valinor and based all their cards off that.

May 14, 2022 Turgon 281

How often do you actually get Radagast and then attach his staff to him? 1 and 1 doesn't seem very likely...

May 14, 2022 doomguard 1164

  1. Guided by Fate is not this op, it is unique, so only 1 player can have it. putting cards in the encounterdeck is not this mighty at all, only if more player do that, and then only 1 can have Guided by Fate there are other alep-cards i would mention to be to mighty than this one.

  2. i recomand change radagast and Gwaihir, means, make Radagast a hero and the eagle ally. what u get from it:

    • u can put in more staffs and use them ( 2 res more per round for eagles or a readying)
    • have 2 less startingthread

what you loose:

  • devoted does not count, but that is of less harm, because radagast can pay for all creatures.

overall i would take +3 Gandalf + 3 Sneak Attack the Sneak Attack is not oly good for gandalf, its also good for Meneldor (4 progress on a location), the Descendant of Thorondor (4 dmg to an enemy in the staging) or the Chieftain of the Skies

May 15, 2022 JTTawney 22

@doomguard I think my problem with Guided by Fate is that it almost completely takes out the main drawbacks of Encounter player cards (the random placement in the deck/the uncertainty of drawing it soon, if ever). It just kind of feels unfair to use it with encounter cards, which are supposed to be fun and random. It's also a REALLY specific card, which does seem to be typical for ALeP cards

May 15, 2022 doomguard 1164

@JTTawney unerstandable, but rational: what does this card really do? if you get it early and get some encountercards early , then it will be 1-2 cards overall that came a bit earlier. that is not a big deal.

sometimes it is not better if they come early (no really bad location or enemy in the staging, so, the come into play-effect does not really have a big use, this increase if it come later where more locations/enemys are out)

sometimes it is better, the cards remain in the encounterdeck, and come as shadowcards moreoften.

my experinece is, in multiplayer you go fast enough through the encounterdeck, you do not really need Guided by Fate, in solo it affect at maximum 3 cards, so overall not a big issue and little buff for cards that could need it.

other question, how else would you buff these put into encounterdeck cards?

May 15, 2022 Turgon 281

@doomguard Yes, those ideas look really good! Sneak Attack is unusually good with Eagles and Gandalf.