Saruman Beregond Galadriel Llinars 2022

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Rosendo y Pte. Benson
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Pte.Benson 14

This deck was used for the Llinars days both in the 3-player rotating championship and in the pairs championship. It was created with the idea of being a support in multiplayer games as I usually play with four players and it works very well in the aforementioned championships.


Sep 19, 2022 doomguard 1322

hero-setup is great i combine it with Council of the Wise less consistency with the important cards but more of all (cards threadreduction and ressoursses)

Sep 19, 2022 NERD 178

I personally prefer Livery of the Tower over Blood of Númenor. Daeron's Runes should be an auto-include. I would cut Inspiring Presence, Will of the West, Warden of Healing, and Power of Orthanc. Keep those cards in the sideboard. Hasty Stroke would be another good card in the deck or sideboard.

Sep 19, 2022 Pte.Benson 14

Thx @doomguard I have many of your decks among my favourites, I really appreciate your advice. I will try to make a deck with that contract. Thx again.

Sep 19, 2022 Pte.Benson 14

Thx for advice `@NERD i will try those changes especially include Daeron's Runes and Livery of the Tower for Blood of Númenor although this last one has worked well for me. You´re right with Hasty Stroke I will include it in the sideboard. Thx again

Sep 19, 2022 wehehe 1000

Tuve la suerte de coincidir en la primera ronda contigo y me encantó el mazo. ¡De hecho yo estuve dudando hasta la misma mañana del sábado si llevar un mazo con esos mismos héroes! Jugando el mazo solo le notaba los defectos, teniéndolo como compañero en la mesa... me di cuenta de todas sus virtudes. ¡Una apuesta interesante y muy divertida de ver en mesa!

Sep 20, 2022 Pte.Benson 14

Muchas gracias @wehehe, la partida estuvo muy bien con una remontada espectacular, turbo cuadriga :) . Lógicamente el mazo tiene defectos y desde luego yo le veo más potencial en multi que en true sólo. Un saludo