Dwarf Threat-Reduction

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All the decks I make are intended for multi-player games, since I enjoy the social aspect of playing with others. This means that the decks tend to be specialised and rely on combining with other decks that specialise in other aspects of play. Please bear this in mind when reviewing and commenting on the deck.

This is one of many of my Dwarf decks, this one using a combination of spirit and leadership. The deck is mostly based around a mixture of Dwarf allies, with some synergy cards like Dáin Ironfoot and Hardy Leadership to boost them. The deck uses the combo from Zigil Miner and Imladris Stargazer to gain resources, but it also has a single copy of Steward of Gondor as an alternative resource card.

The main strength of this deck is in its threat-reduction and its abiity to contribute allies to questing. Nori is an absolute monster in this deck and will regularly reduce your threat thoughout the game (one of the most underrated cards in the game in my opinion). Dwalin is more situational, but in quests against orcs he is a good contributor. If you can get Song of Eärendil into play then you can do threat-management for the other players in the game, which is a nice contribution.