Dwarven Axemen

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All the decks I make are intended for multi-player games, since I enjoy the social aspect of playing with others. This means that the decks tend to be specialised and rely on combining with other decks that specialise in other aspects of play. Please bear this in mind when reviewing and commenting on the deck.

This dwarf deck focuses on combat with strong attackers and defenders. It uses Dáin Ironfoot as its core hero to increase the willpower and attack of your other dwarves, with Balin for defence and Thorin Stonehelm for attack. The deck is straight-forward to play but it is worth noting that you should keep Dáin ready until your last attack each turn in order to gain the full effect of his bonuses. Alternatively you can ready him with Cram or Lure of Moria.

As with any deck using leadership, you should try to get Steward of Gondor into play as early as possible (take a mulligan to get this if needed). It is best to place this on Thorin to even up the resource income of your two spheres. Your allies gain bonuses from Dáin and the Erebor Battle Master also gains a bonus for having more allies in play. Consequently, the deck tends to increase in power as it builds up over several turns. The deck can take a while to get going but it is a strong combat deck once it is set up well.


Nov 24, 2022 NERD 522

Hidden Cache is great in mining decks. Heavy Stroke is rarely worthwhile.