Gondor Empire

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All the decks I make are intended for multi-player games, since I enjoy the social aspect of playing with others. This means that the decks tend to be specialised and rely on combining with other decks that specialise in other aspects of play. Please bear this in mind when reviewing and commenting on the deck.

This is a tactics combat deck using Beregond for defence and Aragorn for attack. It is particularly strong in defence once you play armor on Beregond. The deck gains resources from Mablung as it engages enemies and it uses these resources to play allies and attachments that will protect your fellowship. You can also play Behind Strong Walls to ready your primary defender to defend multiple attacks and you can prevent attacks with Feint. Save Gondorian Discipline for cases where your primary defender would be killed to ensure that you maintain a strong defence.

The goal of this deck is to be able to absorb all combat for the fellowship and kill all enemy characters through engagements. The deck works best when it is used in combination with other decks with high willpower and good threat-reduction. Your sentinal ability on your main defender means that you should be able to protect other players from attacks to allow them to concentrate on questing and building up their forces.