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Carder89 has a newer deck inspired by this one: Beravor Necessities HfG

This deck is weak in the questing department. It mainly supports other players by drawing cards (with Beravor), and manipulating the encounter deck (with Denethor). The deck can trap enemies, and defend very well. It also provides direct damage through its tactics cards (Quick Strike, Feint, Swift Strike, and Gondorian Spearman). Quickly find Denethor's attachments Protector of Lórien and Self Preservation so he can put up a good defense. Give Legolas some weapons, so he can snipe enemies engaged with his controller or other players. If Denethor does not defend he can manipulate the top card of the encounter deck.

Trap the bigger enemies like the Hill Troll and Ungoliant's Spawn, after using Feint so they don't have the opportunity to attack.