[MatPP] Strider Holmes, Consulting Detective

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Murder at the Prancing Pony
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Zurkon 44

A body lies still at the Prancing Pony, murdered in cold blood. The culprit's identity and location remain unknown, but not for much longer. After all, no criminal can escape the eye of an expert tracker. It's time for Strider Holmes, the greatest detective in Middle-Earth, to unravel the mistery with the aid of the Hobbiton Irregulars!

This is a purely thematic deck designed to play the Murder at the Prancing Pony standalone scenario as part of a 2-handed/2-player fellowship, just as if the events had occurred upon Frodo's arrival in Bree.

Aragorn begins the case as Strider and makes use of ancestral dúnedain knowledge and a network of northern collaborators, taking a puff on his Dúnedain Pipe whenever his current perspective doesn't seem to fit his needs. For the sake of theme, items acquired later in the story have been omitted on purpose. Feel free, however, to swap Sword that was Broken for Celebrían's Stone as a slight deviation from the books to further enable the use of Desperate Alliance in case of need.

Pick up your pipe and let the case begin!