2023 Thematic Saga: A Knife in the Dark

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TheChad 12457

The Thematic Saga continues with A Knife in the Dark

The video can be found here: https://youtu.be/FCv-wgkeWkc

In this series I am trying to use as many thematic cards as possible as I play the Lord of the Rings Saga quests in order, in a modified campaign mode. The modification is that I will not be raising my threat if I swap heroes in-between quests.

Frodo Baggins has arrived in Bree with Sam Gamgee, Pippin, and Merry after narrowly escaping the Barrowdowns. The hobbits are greeted by Barliman Butterbur at the Inn of the Prancing Pony. While enjoying some food and ale and singing a Drinking Song or two they run into a mysterious stranger named; Strider.

Strider informs the Hobbits about the Secret Vigil the Dunedain have been keeping around the boarders of Bree. Some of these helpful folk and a dwarf or 2 are at the Inn, along with some not so savory folk.

Strider helps the Hobbits escape Bree after showing them the Sword that was Broken. Sam quickly befriends Bill the Pony and manages to waste a good apple on Bill Ferny.

The hobbits are now led by Strider, who was sent looking for them by Gandalf, across the Midgewater and to the old watchtower of Weathertop. There, they find the remains of a Dunedain camp. That night, they are attacked by Ringwraiths and Frodo suffers a mortal wound.