Fighty Mordor Tower Rangers

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Seastan 19868

Gondor Gondor Tower Rangers!!!

The Purple Tower Ranger leads this team in the fight against Mordor. It is meant to take a more thematic approach to his ability by teaming him up with super-strength Gondor allies rather than ents.

The main allies you are trying to set up are the Knights of the White Tower (paid for with the help of the Steward) with Raiment of War (paid for using the Red Tower Ranger's resource generation ability). With Faramir's Visionary Leadership, these allies become 3/3/4/5 allies, well worth readying with Faramir's ability.

The Green Tower Ranger provides support through traps, card draw, and access to healing. The Warden of Healing and Ioreth are great targets for using Faramir's ability with DĂșnedain Hunter during the planning phase.

Some minor readying effects are also included, with Wingfoot for the Red Ranger and Heir of Mardil for the Purple (triggered with Steward), so they can both be ready for combat with Gondorian Shields.

This deck does work in solo, but it can be a little slow to get going. It might be better to pair it with a deck that has a strong early game.


Dec 15, 2016 WanderingTook 980

You get a like just for the title.