Be Glóin

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Glóin Hangs Still
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apparentlyalvin 75

This deck is intended to be played in my "Glóin Hangs Still" fellowship, in which the eponymous dwarf plays Doom Hangs Still to get through tough quests.

This deck exists to make lots of resources on Glóin so that you can skip the quest phase a bunch, and probably do some other things besides.

Demand a Song of Mocking, some Ent Draught and Self Preservations, a Song of Healing and a bunch of card draw from the other decks. Make sure they know that you are the most important deck in the fellowship at every opportunity, and that they should be drawing cards to give to you faster.

Once you have Song of Mocking, tell Treebeard to use his self-damaging ability a bunch. With Glóin absorbing the damage, Treebeard won't actually get the stat buff, but Glóin will be rolling in cash that he can use to equip himself with Narvi's Belt and Citadel Plate, so that he can take even more damage and make even more moolah.

Take an opportunity to ask the deck's player why they don't have more Wardens of Healing in play yet. If they get uppity, hand them a Steward of Gondor and tell them that they have no excuses with all of the handouts you're giving them.