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The Seventh Level - 2 Players - 2023-11-11
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rueful_knight 22

rueful_knight has a newer deck inspired by this one: Khazad Dwarf T/L Deck


Nov 13, 2023 jadlak 34

How do you play the warnings?

Nov 13, 2023 rueful_knight 22

You know, I just created this deck the other day, and I don't think I've drawn the warnings at all yet. While doing The Seventh Level, I was even thinking Dunedain Cache would be useful. The warnings could be nice to hang onto just in case a lot of your heroes get the condition attachment, but I don't actually think it's necessary.

Nov 13, 2023 rueful_knight 22

Just realized, you probably aren't seeing that this deck is used in conjunction with

Nov 14, 2023 jadlak 34

ok - but how do you play a leadership card from a deck that only produces lore/tactics resource?

Nov 14, 2023 rueful_knight 22

I have Narvi's Necklace in the other deck, which I put on Bifur, which would allow him to pay for it.

Nov 16, 2023 doomguard 2095

i give you my comment for your fellowship with the other deck:

i would:

put the Dúnedain Warning into the other deck, then there is no need of Narvi's Belt. if you want it also for better use of tacticres in this deck, just take Song of Battle here, its cheaper and does it job all the time not only one phase in a round (you can pay in the planning and use events in the combat-phase) would replace 1 Veteran of Nanduhirion for the 3. song

then would discard unffective cards:

  • 2 (3rd. is replaced with song)Veteran of Nanduhirion (to costly for their stats)
  • 3 Mirkwood Runner what do u want with this? your dwarfes can attack enough and are cheaper and can also quest if needed

for the 5 card i would take 3 Spear of the Mark for dunhere, of you have no spears than other weapons (Warrior Sword, Dagger of Westernesse) and 2 Foe-hammer

the other deck:

discard ineffective:


hope you enjoy my modifikations ;)

Nov 18, 2023 rueful_knight 22

Thank you. These are great comments. Admittedly, the Dunedain Warning was an unintentional addition to the wrong deck. I did remove Narvi's belt, and for Flight from Moria, I switched out Denethor for Boromir, and in the other deck, removed Dunhere for Balin. I am playing this progression, so a lot of your beefy attachments would not be able to be played here, with the exception of Dunedain Mark.