Galadriel's Beautiful Tale and Aragorn ONE SHOT #RCO

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mathplanet 215

Revised Content Only.

The cards were frequently seen in older versions, so everyone is familiar with their effects and linkages. The most important root of this deck is increasing Aragorn's attack power.

Quest? Basically great

Resource? Very great

Draw? Very great

Defense? It's a bit dangerous if you don't have enough allies in field.

Attack? Much lacking

So, Offense is the best defense. Let’s increase Aragorn’s attack power.

Full Option(with Elf-friend )- basic 2 + Celebrían's Stone 2 + Tale of Tinúviel 4 = 8

If you have Protector of Lórien and Elrond's Counsel + 0~6

Now, attack : basic 3 + tale 4 + Fair and Perilous 8~14 = 15~21

two Fair and Perilous? = 23~35

three Fair and Perilous? = 31~49

Two Tale of Tinúviel for Arwen Undómiel to Aragorn? = wil +3 -> att + 6

If you don't have Elf-friend in play? use Arwen Undómiel instead.

If you can give Aragorn the Tactics icon, you can use Nenya in the quest phase to get a buff for using relating cards Battle-fury . Also, in the old version, it is theoretically possible to get +50 with existing cards!

Of course, this is an extreme example, and it is better to adjust it to suit the enemy's situation. If you find and add additional willpower or attack power buffs, you can of course increase it further. Now, let's play with Aragorn's one-shot and easy quest chain.


Mar 31, 2024 serpico 262

Why not some Ring of Barahir? More hp with a lot or artifacts in play

Mar 31, 2024 mathplanet 215

@serpicoI want to put it in deck, too. But, Ring of Barahir isn't revised set.

Apr 01, 2024 soyamilo 1

how does 'we are not idle' work in this deck?

Apr 01, 2024 mathplanet 215

@soyamilo 'draw 1 card' is seperate from Dwarf condition. SO, just 1 draw 0 cost card.

Apr 01, 2024 mathplanet 215

@soyamilo 'draw 1 card' is seperate from Dwarf condition. SO, just 1 draw 0 cost card. Or X=0, Same Result :)

Apr 01, 2024 Alonewolf87 1921

Just note that you cannot use Nenya to boost a character's WP in the Combat Phase, since it's a Quest Action.

Apr 01, 2024 mathplanet 215

@Alonewolf87 Oh, my. I didn't think of that. All obtained values ​​have been corrected. If I give Aragorn the Tactics icon, I can use Nenya using related cards, but there are limitations in the revised version.Rivendell Blade, Battle-fury. Of course, more buffs are possible with the older version. That was a good point. thanks.

Apr 01, 2024 mathplanet 215

Rivendell Blade was an incorrect statement.

Apr 01, 2024 Alonewolf87 1921

Also consider the Nor am I a Stranger+Herugrim combo

Apr 01, 2024 mathplanet 215

@Alonewolf87 I knew Herugrim combo, but Nor am I a Stranger isn't revised set. Only RCO is really restrictive card pool.