Let it Snow

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GrandSpleen 643

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

The weather outside may be frightful, but Legolas and Faramir don't mind a little snow. Why not bring these two wintry-art heroes to the table for some holiday adventuring? Galadriel places under the tree your threat reduction and card draw, all wrapped in a bow and ready for the holiday festivities. With the ability of Legolas, you can ready her to participate in questing every round with Nenya.

The snow shows no signs of stoppin', so you might need to Backtrack, Double Back, or summon enough Strength of Will to trudge through it. Plenty of snow cards to go around!

As for deck function, this deck can emerge victorious in solo play versus easy-to-moderate difficulty quests, but you'll need Nenya in your opening hand. Faramir is boosted by Ranger Spikes, but serves as a flexible hero. He's a quester with Wingfoot and can summon willpower or defense at need with Protector of Lórien. Stand and Fight allows you to chump block with cheap allies for multiple rounds (Silvan Refugee is your main chump, and I kept only 1 on the table at any time). And of course Zigil Miner with Imladris Stargazer generates resources.

The deck will function better in multiplayer, if someone else is able to handle defense. In that case, Legolas and Faramir can team up for some nice Ranged damage. Why not take it to a party for A Very Rohan Christmas ? http://www.ringsdb.com/decklist/view/3952/a-very-rohan-christmas-1.0

Happy holidays!


Dec 06, 2017 teamjimby 586

Man, there are a lot of cards with snow. Blue Mountain Trader wouldn't be awful in this deck. The big missing card, which you couldn't currently play, is good ol' Brok Ironfist.

Dec 07, 2017 Eric_The_Cleric 79

I can imagine a few other cards synergising well with this deck. You should try finding space for Ever Onward, Common Cause, Descendant of Thorondor and Word of Command.

Dec 08, 2017 GrandSpleen 643

Yeah, there are more cards with snow in the art than I anticipated. First thing I did was put every single one of them into the deck, then pared it down until I could make something semi-functional out of it-- because I actually wanted to use the deck!