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Arrhias 138

This deck use the power of fastred to keep Gandalf on play for free.

Heroes :

  • Fastred to down threat to keep Gandalf on play.
  • Damrod, i think is usefull because fastred return enemy in staying areea, so if no enemy reveal a the quest this enemy is trap so i draw and this enemy is weakened so easiest defend at the newt round.
  • Círdan the Shipwright for 4 and draw. If gandalf isn't on hand, is can have Narya

Ally :

Attachement All attachment for gandalf. Narya is for gandalf priority so you ready himself and he have +1 and +1. The second ally you can choose Treebeard or Anborn or Quickbeam The goal is gandalf with attachment quest for 4 defends for 5 without shadows card (Gandalf's Staff) and attack 5 (ready with Shadowfax

Light of Valinor for Círdan the Shipwright 4

A Burning Brand + Song of Wisdom for fastred to cancel shadow, and pay trap

Wingfoot to 2 for damrod

and a lot of trap.

Event Elven-light to draw 2 cards for 1 at the resource phase with power of Círdan the Shipwright

Forest Patrol to kill enemy trap.