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GrandSpleen 1032

A version of the Ranger Relief deck which aims to draw a lot of cards, and/or spread draw around the table. Beravor and Gléowine can target any player. With Faramir's ability, you can activate Gleowine twice per turn (which means this deck can draw 5 cards per turn for itself if it wants to!). You could add more draw to this-- Peace, and Thought works well in this deck -- but let's not get crazy here.

Original deck was here: http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/7641/triple-action-ranger-relief-1.0 but this one is heavily modified from that version.

This one took me through the entire Wilds of Rhovanion box in 2-handed play, without the crazy draw (Faramir replaced Halbarad from an earlier version). It also handled combat in 3-player WoR also. Versions of this deck went through some of the Harad cycle. Not a solo deck (low willpower).

Mulligan for Steward of Gondor. Amarthiúl gets all of the Dúnedain Warnings, and would be happy if Arwen Undómiel was somewhere on the table to provide Sentinel. Steed of the North goes on the other two heroes, and I usually had Wingfoot on Beravor (quest, ready, use her draw ability, ready again after engagement, then use her combat stats). Faramir can ready Gleowine for extra draw, a fresh Warden of Healing, Anborn, or a Warden of Healing for extra healing. Forest Snare can help, but is not necessary and you can drop it for a sideboard card for threat control (Gandalf or Favor of the Valar). Greenwood Archer allows you to trigger Beravor's ability during the planning phase and still commit her to the quest. Condition removal comes in the form of Athelas, which is sideboarded here.


Jul 17, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 1308

What do you mean by "Ranger Relief?"

Jul 17, 2018 GrandSpleen 1032

The original deck was 'Triple Action Ranger Relief,' because each hero in the deck got three actions, and it was a play on pharmaceutical advertising... Now I just think of it as the 'ranger relief' deck through various iterations. In this deck, the rangers are bringing you some relief from your card draw woes!