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Aurion 301

Yes, it's another Grimbeorn the Old deck!

Had a bit of fun with this one. It makes use of Hirgon's ability to bring in to play a Beorning Skin-changer and then get Beorn and the other Beorning allies into play for just 1 resource! Arwen Undómiel is there to ensure that an expensive ally is in the discard pile. Éowyn could also work but I fancied the extra resources to get Gandalf into play and the free threat reduction with Elrond's Counsel.

Unexpected Courage goes on Grimbeorn and there is The Red Arrow to help Hirgon quest successfully. Born Aloft for Gandalf and/or Beorn.

Stand and Fight is to bring the Skin-changers back into play to get multiple uses out of them.