Ringmaker Minimum Purchase: Defense of Men

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Ringmaker Minimum Purchase
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Roka 700

This is a deck of my 2-player Fellowship for tackling the Ringmaker-cycle in Minimum purchase mode, just using cards from the Core set, Voice of Isengard and the Ringmaker-cycle. To check out how it ended up doing check out the fellowship describtion.

This deck was the second deck I build to cover the weaknesses of the Silvan deck, which doesn't want to engage enemies because of Haldir of Lórien. I needed a strong defender, and Erkenbrand is probably the best option in this card pool. Then I wantedt to bring spirit for cancellation and willpower, which I haven't included in the other deck. Éowyn is always awesome and Idraen is just a utility hero, which synergizes well with Legolas (by putting progress on the active location he can ready her in the combat phase). I also brought some location management which was very useful against the location havier quest (To Catch an Ork, Throuble in Tharbad, Celebrimor's Secret, The Antlered Crown).