Ringmaker Minimum Purchase

Roka 700


This is a two-player fellowship build to beat the whole Ringmaker-cycle just using cards from the Core Set, Voice of Isengard and the adventure packs.

Deck choices: Silvan decks got a lot of stuff in this cycle, so they were an obvious choice. The other deck is more generic to round out the fellowship, bringing some Spirit and Leadership staples and also handling defense. You want to engage all the enemies with the Defense of Men deck and snipe across the board with ranged characters. More details can be found in the decklists.

The quests: Fords of Isen: 1 attempt, Legacy of Númenor on round one and Éowyns abilty helped to get rid of cards and made the quest not to hard, but still a lot of fun.

To catch an Ork: 1 attempt, The abilty to clear the active in location during combat with Legolas was incredible useful here. Mugash came out very late in the game so it took some time.

Into Fangorn: 1 attempt, Raced just through it, never enjoyed this quest very much.

The Dunland Trap: 5 attempts, losed 2 times to the condition that deals damage after a time counter is removed, than decided to remove that card from the game. On my Victory Legacy of Numenor was again important to handle all those enemies from the beginning.

The three Trials: 1 attempt, A tough one, but Erkenbrand cancelling shadow effects from the Guardians showed really his quality.

Throuble in Tharbad: 1 attempt, funny as always, especially because Haldir of Lórien sniped all this Orks I hadn't to engage.

The Nin-in-Eilph: 2 attempts, threat was an issue, I think I was lucky with the stages i revealed (the one that boosts threat of locations)

Celebrimor's Secret: 1 attempts, My favourite testing quest which I always enjoy playing because of the time pressure and the need for both location management and combat, which this fellowship covers.

The Antlered Crown: 1 attempt, location management was a key to clear things before the time counters went off.

Final thoughts: I really enjoyed this playthrough. I think the Ringmakercycle with it's time mechanics fits well for my playstyle to play aggresive and try to get things under control fast instead of turtling and set up an overwhelming force.