RCO 4x Mono for new players

Kaspatou 520


Hello, I made 4 mono decks for new players with revised content only.

I made 4 mono because monosphere is nice to start with, there is no risk of conflict of unique cards, each deck should have an important role and the starts will be more explosive than playing the usual trispheres.

is a Gondor one, gives some resources, quests well with Visionary Leadership and can fight aswell.

can quest very well and can cancel many things with A Test of Will, Dwarven Tomb, Hasty Stroke... It manages locations too thanks to Northern Tracker and Rhovanion Outrider.

draws and heals a lot, it manages some ennemies too with some traps.

manages the fight and helps with ranged/sentinel, it gives some attachments too.

The threat is managed by Secret Vigil, Galadriel, Double Back and The Galadhrim's Greeting.

Enjoy ! Don't hesitate if you have questions or suggestions.