The Full Muster of the Riddermark - QotW (Core + Darks)


Admittedly, I created this fellowship for others reasons, but I thought it would be fun to take it through the campaign for the core set + Darks of Mirkwood while playing along with the Quest of the Week.

The main changes from the previously published version are 3x Feint in two of the decks to help handle the Hill Trolls since one of the decks starts at 30 threat.

The decks cover most bases of the game pretty well (questing, combat, cancellation, card draw, resource acceleration, threat reduction). If there is one weakness, it is healing, the Three Hunters contract + Morwen Steelsheen being the only sources.

The staging area attack of Dunhere and Thorongil'd Eomer are especially helpful against Journey Along the Anduin. Other tricks of the fellowship include using Éomund + Mustering the Rohirrim + Lothíriel to be able to quest with everyone nearly every turn, buffs from Elfhelm, large quest pushes with Astonishing Speed, and recycling Need Brooks No Delay with Háma. Thengel pulls an ally almost every turn between his deck and Théoden's deck.


Jun 10, 2024 doomguard 2047

with 4 player piling up to many locations could be a thing, i would increase the The Riddermark's Finest as much as possible. they do synergise with Thengel and Squire of the Mark

Jun 10, 2024 Birdman137 118

I haven't found locations to be much of a problem. Questing is good enough to clear one every turn. If I needed location tech, I'd probably increase the number of Ride to Ruin's which turns every Snowbourn Scout and Westfold Horse Breeder into 3 progress on a location and would still trigger Thengel.