Christian-Luke GenCon Fellowship

eldub 359


This was mine and Splice's GenCon fellowship for the Wizard's Quest event.

So, the entire idea of these decks was to jumpstart the Dale machine by triggering Beravor, Galadriel, and Deep Knowledge on the Dale player for all the draw for two scenarios: !) If the Dale player had a bad mulligan, meaning that they had to dig for King of Dale; or 2) The Dale player managed to grab king of Dale and just needed to flood the board with allies and attachments or stacking up Bard son of Brand with attachments to make stuff free (Getting Redwater Sentry and a Hauberk of Mail was first priority in every scenario I tested). Between the Sentry and the Warrior of Dale (Along with Lanwyn), Ranged and Sentinel were covered. Moving Spare Hood and Cloak around was also a great combo with Arwen Undómiel in a pinch if we needed extra and Sentinel.

We tweaked the support deck a bit by adding Círdan the Shipwright and Narya, because having a surplus of action advantage for Warden of Healing and the buffed Dale allies was just stupid. The support deck sat there to cancel, reduce threat, and ramp the Dale player.

Ultimately, we blew through the quest and outran the encounter deck from jump; I remember drawing something like 12 cards on the first turn (one for turn, 3 for attachments on heroes, two DK, Galadriel, Beravor, and a free Sentry with a hauberk) was gross.

At any rate, since we got the GenCon announcement for The Mines of Moria, I figured to post this fellowship with the brief description to hopefully get some folks to build together.


May 16, 2019 eldub 359

Apologies for the updated Dale deck. Some of those cards were definitely not out at the time we played the GenCon quest.