The Dead Marshes


For the first time we are omitting a sphere , from our Hero selection. Even though the Théodred + Aragorn combo could effectively give us a 3 hero and a 2 hero for escape tests. We will choose heroes tailored more toward the unfortunate times that Gollum gets shuffled into the encounter deck.

We will add a Song of Kings and Rivendell Minstrel so we can include a couple of cards.

I've also included Protector of Lórien to discard them should we be unable to get the song into play.

There is a possibility that Gollum gets shuffled into the encounter deck. Should that happen we need to try to minimize shadow cards that get dealt as we attempt to avoid him being discarded. Thalin can counter the Eastern Crows. Dúnhere can handle the Goblin Snipers and the Wargs should they bounce back to staging. Quick Strike can be used to allow an attack to happen outside of combat. Should Gollum escape use Denethor to dig into the encounter deck.

In this configuration I'll usually try to use Brand son of Bain to ready Beravor allowing her to save her card draw action until the end of the round. Draw as many cards as possible because discarding cards to Éowyn and Protector of Lórien is a good way to ensure we don't fail escape tests.

In this scenario Unexpected Courage should first go on Éowyn followed by Denethor.



Oct 27, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 1245

One strategy I've employed is to let Gollum be shuffled into the deck intentionally instead of wasting energy trying to keep him around while making progress. You can build up your board state so when he is revealed, nothing will stop you.