Siege of Cair Andros 2-handed


After many many attemps at beating this scenario consistently with only the cards published at the moment of release, I thought it might be a good idea to share my experience with the community. Siege of Cair Andros is a very challenging scenario, in my opinion the toughest so far (I'm playing all scenarios by order of release).

The idea behind these decks is to try to deal maximum damage/neutralize enemies before they engage or attack you. Cards like Thalin, Expecting Mischief, Ranger Spikes, Spear of the Citadel, Goblin-cleaver or Quick Strike combined with the ability to peak at the encounter deck with Denethor, Henamarth Riversong and Rumour from the Earth help you to achieve that. Infighting comes very handy at some scenarios, too.

Bilbo Baggins provides some card draw, and you should try to set him up as your main defender. All 3 copies of A Burning Brand, Ring Mail and Fast Hitch should help with that.

After playing many multisphere combinations and getting hit by the Master's Malice many times I decided that it would be a good idea to go mono-sphere. Sometimes I missed being able to cancel some nasty when revealed effects, but the idea was to use Denethor to compensate for the lack of the spirit cards, many times sending an evil encounter card to the bottom of the encounter deck.

Thanks for reading!


Nov 25, 2018 Melkata 3

Very neat, thanks for sharing! That’s a super tough quest, and this likes like an interesting approach.