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Just played a full campaign with my sister, from bag end to orodruin with these. we discarded lanwyn to the balrog and replaced her with Legolas.


Mar 22, 2020 n8fox 1

@bobbymcbobface How was your experience with this fellowship? There are not many cards which you Play at maximum. Do you think that all games were played different? Like it seems so that it is not played the same all time.. Did you have to do a lot of decision making playing the right cards to the right time?

How many big plays did you have? Justice Shall Be Done did it win some games? Light the Beacons How swingy was this card?

I like the fellowship

  • low count of attachments
  • swingy cards
  • interesting side quests

Mar 22, 2020 bobbymcbobface 73

@n8foxThanks for checking it out! I can really only remember using Light the Beacons twice: on Journey in the Dark so Beregond could defend against all the attacks one round (especially since the balrog attacls twice each round) and Black Gate Opens, since, well, theres a ton of cards revaled in that quest. Justice Shall Be Done shall be done won us Mount Doom, as it allowed me to play Gandalf and, since he added the Istari trait, allowed me also to play The Free Peoples, which is the real "big" card. I ran two copies in my deck, and my sister ran one in her deck. That card won us multiple scenarios.

As to maximum number, the Círdan deck works through cards fairly well, and is very consistent. With my Hirgon deck, I don't really care what's in the starting hand as long as I have a defensive ally. I will add that Thicket of Spears becomes very powerful in this fellowship.

I don't have The Lost Realm or Angmar Awakened cycle yet, which explains why I use the side quests I do. That said, Rally the West is especially powerful since every round I quest all three (or sometimes four, with heroes) and the deck generally quests at least one.

Here's the updated decks that we used for the Two Towers and Return of the King scenarios.

A few fun combos: Snowmane + Golden Shield on Éowyn. We used this in The Uruk-Hai, the one scenario we actually struggled on. It took five tries. Also, Hirgon using his ability to play [Knight of Minas Tirith], give it 4 attack, then exhaust it to kill those 1 Defense, 3 HP enemies that are pretty common.

Anyway, thanks for checking it out!