01 - Hunt for Gollum - Core + Mirkwood Cycle


3-0 vs. Hunt for Gollum

Get Steward of Gondor and (Celebrían's Stone or Song of Travel) on Aragorn as soon as possible. Need lots of resources for Spirit.

Get A Test of Wills and Hasty Strokes in hand as soon as possible to avoid Treacheries/Shadows that do damage to Clue holders. Use Dwarven Tomb to recur or if discarded by the Goblintown Scavengers (which can create some nasty threat surprises as well).

Unexpected Courage on Beravor. Blade of Gondolin on Legolas.

Keep threat under 35 (is fairly easy to do so) to avoid damage to all Characters (that might also be holding Clues).

Try and keep the number of Riverlands less than three to minimize the Shadow that discards all Allies that cost less than the number of Riverlands in play.

Westfold Horse-Breaker are a good answer for the Treachery that exhausts heroes if they can not pay 1 resource. Do not ready units before Staging for this reason as well (there is no Necromancer's Reach in this scenario).