Direct Damage Fellowship

Thies 16


This is a pair of decks with cards through Against the Shadow and Black Riders that is focused on dealing direct damage to enemies. Legolas is there to take out the bigger enemies, either in the staging area with Great Yew Bow or Hands Upon the Bow, or once engaged if they have low engagement value. With Rivendell Blade and DĂșnedain Mark he can hit hard, and Mighty Prowess lets him fit the direct damage archetype.

I created this for fun and to see how far I could push the mechanic with my current card pool, but I've been pleased with its effectiveness against a half dozen or so quests. A particularly epic performance was getting through the last 2 stages of The Morgul Vale all during the same phase with Legolas/Hands Upon the Bow taking out Alcaron, then Fresh Tracks, Hail of Stones, Legolas again (readied with Unexpected Courage), Goblin-cleaver and a Gondorian Spearman handling the Nazgul.