Dunedain and Hobbits fellowship


I have played this fellowship (successfully) against Journey Down the Anduin, the Two-Player Edition scenarios, Escape from Umbar, and Journey Up the Anduin.

There are more 1x and 2x cards than I would normally use. I couldn't decide what to keep and what to remove. Too many interesting choices, and I wanted to try out different Dunedain/Hobbit cards. In my game plays, it turned out to be okay because I had enough extra card draw to find things.

Frodo Baggins gets Fast Hitch, DĂșnedain Warning, Hobbit Pipe
Idraen gets Necklace of Girion
Beravor gets Wingfoot
Aragorn gets Orcrist, one Dagger of Westernesse, Sword that was Broken, Unexpected Courage, and Ring of Barahir
Sam Gamgee gets Fast Hitch, CelebrĂ­an's Stone, Hobbit Pipe (though not very usable)
Halbarad gets two Daggers of Westernesse, Steward of Gondor

Henamarth with Beravor + Wingfoot: she can quest and draw cards every round.
Arwen with Frodo + Dunedain Warning: Frodo becomes a stout sentinel defender.
Ring of Barahir lets Aragorn use Ioreth's ability.
Play Ranger Summons after dealing shadow cards, if possible.