Green Anaconda: Scales

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Green Anaconda
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The Purple Wizard 503

This is deck one of the Green Anaconda fellowship. It serves as the scales of the fellowship, the first point of contact with the enemy and a hard line of protection for the rest of the fellowship.

The primary purpose of this deck is defense. It wants to be ground zero for as much of the fighting as it can, however it can. Early on in the game it may be tough to kill off enemies as your best attackers are Treebeard and Aragorn, and you'll likely need them to defend while you get other defenders set up. Getting Rossiel and your Guardian of Rivendell set up as dominant defenders is your long-term goal, using Cloak of Lórien, Ent Draught, and A Burning Brand (on Rossiel).

If you can hold your ground long enough, the fellowship's constricting effects will take effect and make your life easier, so early on your goal is just to hang in there. Ranger of Cardolan, Henamarth Riversong, and Guardian of Ithilien can all chump an attack on the cheap if necessary.

Unfortunately, the fellowship likely needs Treebeard to quest round one, as he is far and away the best quester in Lore and will help you clear that all-important first Scout Ahead. (If you DO clear it you can set up the shadow cards so combat is safely a known quantity.) Ideally he quests with Lembas healing and readying him so he's fresh for combat. Two other decks are equipped with Lembas as well, so hopefully somebody's got one to play round one. Leather Boots is another way to get him in the questing game early on, or to use both parts of Rossiel's abilities. The 3rd (or 1st) copy can go on Elrond so he can help with combat. Treebeard gets Magic Ring on his branches somehere when it shows up. Between Aragorn's ability, Keen as Lances, and the fellowship's ability to cancel many threat-raising cards you should be safe to raise your threat each round for the ring's readying.

Aragorn is the only sentinel hero in lore, and the first line of defense for both the decks that don't want to engage enemies, but especially the hobbits. thus you don't want to quest with Aragorn unless the need for that is truly dire. He's here to fight. He defends when necessary and becomes a big attacker mid-late game with a couple weapons on him.

Mulligan if you don't see at least one card draw option in your first hand: Gléowine, Master of the Forge, and/or Mithrandir's Advice. The rest depends on what you're up against---if you see solutions in hand to handle the enemies you expect to see, keep it. As mentioned before, Lembas to help Treebeard quest is particularly helpful.

This deck has the only condition removal in the fellowship with Miner of the Iron Hills.

Legacy Blade should first go to Haldir of Lórien, if he doesn't already have two weapons. After that the weapons from either deck should go to Aragorn. Beyond that it doesn't matter much.