Invincible Dunedains (again)

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BigChiefJoe523 152

This is a revamp of a deck I posted previously, but with new Dunedain support cards (original deck - The main purpose of the deck is to keep enemies from attacking by using Thicket of Spears to negate all the attacks, then using Háma to recycle thicket and use Aragorn to pull enemies from the other players. Ideally you'd like to keep some enemies engaged for a while to see the true benefit of the Dunedain cards such as Fornost Bowman, Guardian of Arnor, Heir of Valandil, and Halbarad,

Obviously you want Thicket of Spears in your opening hand, and that part of the strategy basically plays itself, With your extra resources you generate from Amarthiúl, eventually you will want to play Heir of Valandil and maybe Steward of Gondor. However, you probably won't actually need the resources from steward, as Heir of Valandil provides all the resource acceleration the deck needs.

With the release of flame of the west, the Dunedain trait got quite a few amazing support cards - most notably Halbarad and Roheryn. Halbarad can be played super cheaply once a few enemies engage, and you can speed it up if Heir of Valandil is on the board. Once he's out, get Aragorn a Dagger of Westernesse or two and Roheryn. Halbarad helps the daggers always add 2 to your attack. Roheryn effectively functions as a Quick Strike every turn. Rohan Warhorse can help ready him as Aragorn has the inate -1 ability, already helping him with combat.

One of the more difficult parts of this is keeping cards in your hand to discard for thicket, and I don't really want to rely on drawing the Song of Travel/Elven-light combo even though it seems amazing. So I'm running the standard Sneak Attack/Gandalf and multiple Foe-hammers to help with card draw.

Let me know what you guys think and if you have any questions or thoughts on how I can make this better!


Aug 12, 2016 wehehe 353

Great deck. Yesterday, I play a 2 players game with my girlfriend. I was playing a questing Caldara deck, and she played this deck, to test it. We crushed "A murder at the Prancing Pony".

She ended the game at exactly her starting threat (31), and me just 1 over my starting.

Once Háma has a weapon and a Rohan Warhorse, you can just kill an enemy, recycling a foe-hammer to draw 3 cards, and strike again to recover your thicket of spears.

The deck works amazingly well. The only thing I could say is that it could be a little tricky to start the engine if thicket doesn't show early, maybe a cheap defender could help durint first rounds (¿Defender of rammas?).

Also, I don't think Galadhon archers fit very well here. You usually want to engage enemies so you are not going to use their ability.

And maybe the other point is Aragorn. He is really great, and amazing, but, as you are not always interested in killing enemies, maybe Mablung will work even better, helping you with resources. I suppose we'll try with him and see which one works better.

Anyway, the deck is really great like it is !