Strider with 3 heroes

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Sechen 130

Sechen has a newer deck inspired by this one: Strider with 3 heroes (temporarily)

This is a very entertaining take on the Strider deck. The idea here is to use Galdor (and the lore sphere in general) to help pull together a bunch of cards for a combo, and then to kill him off so that the combo can come together. You eventually want:

Dagger of Westernesse, Herugrim, and Strider on Éowyn

Snowmane, Golden Shield, and Dagger of Westernesse on Théoden

Chances are, you'll have song of travel on one of them too, but if you're lucky, you can put it on galdor and use him to pay for all the spirit stuff before he dies. If you're really lucky, galdor will sing himself away with the fall of gil-galad and give you a giant threat reduction just as your combo comes together.

Once it comes together, it's ridiculous. Theoden + StriderEowyn quest for a combined total of 10. Theoden blocks for five, with sterner than steel standing by for shadow cancellation. Eowyn swings for 8. If you get the daggers, you can go even higher, but mostly you're going to use them to trigger foe-hammer while you try to get the combo together. Hold your Ground and Feint help you to block additional bad guys, or to get extra attack power if necessary by freeing up theoden to attack. If worse comes to worst, eowyn can trigger her ability to lay down a ridiculous beatdown on a couple of enemies.

Obviously, sometimes the deck totally whiffs and you're screwed, but Galdor is really good, and it works often enough to be worth trying.


Oct 05, 2016 Bardo el Arquero 1

Very nice idea!

I'm wondering if it wouldn't just be better with spirit Éowyn? Questing would only decrease to 9 willpower, but you can always ditch those uniques and lore cards you no longer need. Even better, you can put A Test of Will instead of the Song of Travel (or Gandalf, etc.).

Oct 17, 2016 WanderingTook 1369

This deck has been featured in a CotR spotlight article:

Oct 17, 2016 Sechen 130

@Bardo el Arquero, Spirit eowyn would be good, but I'm mostly interested in the tactics version actually for her ability. Galdor is the ultimate chump blocker, and eowyn can follow up and kill most enemies on her own. It's pretty common to want to take care of some enemy really quick at the beginning of the game, and she lets you do that.

The fact that the higher willpower helps with questing and makes herugrim better is fun, but mostly I just want the ability to get one big hit in before I'm all set up.