Lords of the Eldar First Turn Loop

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emorlecallor 944

A few months back in one of his deck tech articles, chrsjxn discovered that Lords of the Eldar can be infinitely looped with an empty deck and a lot of resources. This deck aims to set up an empty deck from the very first turn, and loop LotE forever. Running the deck requires three simple steps:

1)Load/put down deck on table.

2) Find Noldor companion deck without Steward or Erestor. Put it down as well.

3) Empty deck completely.

Here are a few other things you might want to know:

-Mulligan for Song of Kings. With 22 cards in the deck, it is absolutely essential.

-Save Beravor's draw for when you absolutely need it.

-Try to save two resources for when you have drawn through your deck, one for a Song of Travel on whoever Steward is on and one for Protector of Lórien. This sets up the loop, with the 3 resources playing the LotE each turn and Protector putting it back in the discard every turn to play back.


Question #1: What are Taking Initiative and Well-Equipped doing in here?

A: Glad you asked. In the absence of card draw, these can serve to empty your deck by discarding cards off the top of it. This has the added benefit of potentially triggering a Hidden Cache. In addition, on the rare occasion Taking Initiative discards a Lords of the Eldar or Scroll of Isildur, you can draw an additional 2 cards!

Q #2: How does Steward of Gondor come into play with no native Gondor hero for Wealth of Gondor and no hero with multiple resources for Gaining Strength?

A: Legacy of Númenor.

Q #3: How will the Noldor deck deal with all of the Doomed cards?

A: Tell them to suck it up and use Galadriel. They should be happy! They get to start with 12 cards in hand and 3 resources on each hero.

Q #4: What is the best event to use with Scroll of Isildur?

A: Daeron's Runes. So long as you have a duplicate Song, Steward, Lords of the Eldar, or other pitiful card, this is the best of the card draw events in the deck.

Q #5: What is the best order to play any card draw/deck milling events in?

A: Daeron's Runes, Deep Knowledge, Well-Equipped, Taking Initiative, We Are Not Idle, Mithrandir's Advice, Hidden Cache, Campfire Tales, Follow Me!.

Enjoy the deck!


Jan 07, 2017 Seastan 19966

Nice idea! What it were a deck that just got to 40 threat using doomed cards, then recycled Emery with Rallying Cry until your deck was empty? It might be easier.

Jan 07, 2017 emorlecallor 944

@Seastan Thanks! That's probably the better way of doing this, as it allows the Noldor deck to use Erestor or Steward of Gondor, while also being slightly more reliable. I could see a Théodred/Théoden/Idraen build doing this, starting at 31 threat and only requiring a few copies of Legacy of Numenor and Power of Orthanc.