Protector of Lorien

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donmakaron 19

Here's a pretty crafty Hobbit deck, designed to be a part of 2+ players experience (it might not do well as solo deck since it's lack power).

It's main focus is to put hobbits to good use and produce a lot of quickly. Mulligan for Peace, and Thought, draw s-load of cards and let Frodo Baggins quest and defend hard. Eleanor to deal with treachery obviously, Bilbo for even more cards.

Not a lot of allies, but with this much draw those one-offs will hit the table soon enough. Galdor of the Havens is key, Sam Gamgee is gold; Northern Tracker, Miner of the Iron Hills and Elfhelm are silverbullets. Erebor Hammersmiths are sweet for Miruvor recursion.

When it comes to events it's simple - a lot of draw, a lot of cancel-effects, some recursion and Will of the West to rewind your deck.

Attachments are most important. Fast Hitch let's you do a lot of stuff with Hobbits (ready them after Peace, and Thought, ready other heroes with Spare Hood and Cloak, defend multiple times with sentinel Frodo the Mighty Protector). If you equip all 3 hobbits with Hitches it's a bust! Or go with triple hitched Frodo if needed (to escape Kazad Dum and such). Then goes Miruvor that is just great both to ready your (or partners) heroes and change resource from to . With this much draw you can often put it back on the top of the deck. Silver Harp is just bonkers with Protector of Lórien and Galdor of the Havens turning Frodo into questiong machine and Daeron's Runes into free draw 3 cards.

Once every couple of games you get to will of the west your deck, quest for 11 with Frodo only and hoard 30+ cards on your hand. Just try it ;)

Tested with scenarios from core up to Heirs of Númenor, 2 to 4 players. Does best teamed with attack heavy -deck. Mind my limited card pool.