No Fatigue

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DazeMan 473

This is a deck that I made in order to use Boromir without Gondorian Fire and Blood of NĂºmenor while still having him be a powerful combatant. Instead of cramming in threat reduction I decided to partner him with Aragorn who offers the best reduction in the game. Pippin comes in to offer low starting threat and my favorite passive card draw ability, since this deck wants to engage enemies it is a great ability.

Mulligan for Gondorian Shield, if no shield, hope for Peace, and Thought and use that to draw up some cards to hopefully get the shield on Boromir turn 1.

Boromir will be attachment heavy with Gondorian Shield, Captain of Gondor, Song of Wisdom, and A Burning Brand going on him.

Aragorn can quest in the early game and hopefully Wingfoot can trigger to give him some mid-late game action advantage. Firyal and/or Henamarth Riversong can increase your odds of success with this attachment.

Beorn and Firyal are expensive and powerful allies that should be your targets for Elf-stone.

Treebeard is always good and can help pay for some ents, to help get allies on the table.

Healing is on board with Warden of Healing. And can help out a lot especially without blood going on Boromir, but we still want him to be a primary defender without dying.

Resource acceleration is on board with Proud Hunters, which is a fun new way of resource acceleration outside of the leadership sphere.

This deck can be played solo but is part of a 2 player fellowship, operating as the combat deck. To see it's questing deck partner, check out the fellowship.