Na'asiyah: The Warrior

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legolas18 1

In this deck, Na'asiyah makes her premiere appearance in my repertoire of decks. Inspired by a desire to use her ability to the fullest, I decided to go with two heroes who are generally good at acquiring resources: Mablung and Amarthiúl.

The plan for this deck is quite simple, but it can flounder without a few key cards. Raiment of War is priceless on Na'asiyah and makes the entire deck run more smoothly, and all of the Dúnedain Warnings and Dúnedain Marks are nice as well, because these increase her base stats, thus letting you get more bang for your buck when using her ability. I almost always try to get Raiment of War in my opening hand, unless I have an Open the Armory (this card was spoiled for the future pack The Dungeons of Cirith Gurat and really helps to get the Raiment of War(s) out; Flame of Anor is being used as proxy currently). Steed of the North is also very nice to have early on because it allows Mablung to quest and be ready to either defend or attack with Amarthiúl. It turns out that Na'asiyah does most of the defending in this deck, but with Common Cause or Hour of Wrath (both cards that I'm ecstatic I've finally found a decent use for) you can use her to slam an enemy with insane attack amounts.

Errand-rider is there to give excess resources generated by Mablung and Amarthiúl to Na'asiyah, fueling her ability more. Legolas, Foe-hammer, and Steward of Orthanc all allow some card draw, and Sterner than Steel really comes in handy to cancel those nasty shadows (provided you have a Raiment of War out).

Not really a solo deck, as it has terrible willpower, but Grappling Hook allows for the occasional boost to the quest and Steward of Orthanc helps as well. Pair it with a solid questing deck, and have fun!

That's pretty much it. I'd love to hear feedback!