Two brothers

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Frodrig 2

This deck has been built based on the idea of using the two Noldor brothers Elladan and Elrohir. Thanks to their friend Glorfindel we will solve the problem related to the willpower and missions.

The main idea is to combat with the enemies one by one if possible while we keep the threat low. Is a deck based in strong unique characters and strong use of the heroes more than one time per round if possible. Try to keep alive all of your characters! Finally this is a slow deck: you will need four to six rounds to build a interesting situation.

Recommendations playing the cards:

Try to find as soon as possible Light of Valinor and the Song of Wisdom card.

Give to Elladan and Elrohir enough resources to use their actions: attack and defense multiple times.

Elladan should have the Rivendell Blade. Give to Elrohir the Self Preservation card. Try to use always Elrohir to defend. Use Self Preservation to heal any damage on him. If you have Arwen Undómiel give to him the extra shield.

Glorfindel will be the main character to give will power to the game thanks to Asfaloth (very important), Celebrían's Stone and, of course, Light of Valinor (critical card that you should have as soon as possible).

Use Gandalf to low the threat. For this deck is very important to have a low threat so use Gandalf with that idea in mind. The low threat will allow you to have enough time to build your heroes and get one or two unique characters in game.

Use Imladris Stargazer, Master of the Forge, Gildor Inglorion and Erestor to search for the necessary cards. In fact, Master of the Forge is a key main ally to find important cards, shuffle the deck if necessary and reduce the size of your deck.

Use Protector of Lórien to give extra willpower and defense for your heroes. Think about what is more necessary for your mission. Use the cards that are not longer necessary. You can also use Trollshaw Scout and Watcher of the Bruinen multiple times using those cards.

And, again, try to keep your threat as low as possible!

Good luck!


Apr 18, 2017 The White Wizard 300

I wonder if the Ranger Bows might be stretching you actions to thin. I would go with Ranger Spikes instead.

Apr 18, 2017 The White Wizard 300

I could also see adding Ethir Swordsmen.

Apr 18, 2017 Frodrig 2

Hi! Thanks for comment. I choose Ranger Bows to have something that could hit the staging area without discard it.

Apr 18, 2017 The White Wizard 300

I get that, but why do you need staging area attack at all? I feel like you could focus the deck more and keep it more efficient with more questers.

Apr 19, 2017 Frodrig 2

I understand now... I will revise the deck towards that direction. Is true that at this moment the Ranger Bows are the uniques cards to attack the staging area and perhaps those cards are a bit alone. Thanks for comment!