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grant12000 24

Let me know your thoughts for this rohan inspired deck needs work let me know where i could improve


Apr 21, 2017 Skeffington 132

Dúnhere is a weaker Rohan hero in my opinion, compared to Éowyn or especially Théoden. If you still want to play him you should include 3 Spear of the Mark. He is great with those.

Also I prefer using Théodred for solo play, compared to Elfhelm, who gets better at 2+ players. For Elfhelm you could include a Armored Destrier + Golden Shield to have him defend twice once for 3 def and once for 5. The Signals work too, but you may want to include a Rune-master and play it on your spirit hero. Other than that the cards you chose are pretty solid ;) Nice deck :)