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DerBiasto 2

There are many Decks out there that use Erestor to rush Outlands to the Board, but I was wondering what other Decktypes you can use Erestor for to rush them.

This is a Deck that wants to rush Ents.

In your opening Hand you are looking for Steward of Gondor, which goes on Elrond. now you can use Denethor, Wealth of Gondor and Squire of the Citadel to give Elrond additional Resources, as he is our only way of paying for the -Ents, outside of Treebeard. (Send for Aid is also a great way to get them into play).

If you don't get Steward of Gondor in your opening Hand you can use Envoy of Pelargir to get some Resources to Elrond, but be careful: if you don't leave a Resource on Denethor you won't be able to play Steward of Gondor next round unless you get Wealth of Gondor, Envoy of Pelargir, Captain's Wisdom or some other Way to get an additional Resource to Denethor during Planning.

Unless you have very few allies in your opening you will most likely not be able to play your entire Hand.

Once you have some Willpower on the Table and don't need Elrond or defending or questing use Imladris Stargazer to set up Vilya or just use it blindly.

Only use Captain's Wisdom if you dont need your Heroes for questing or Defending and only if you really need the Ressources.

Legacy of NĂºmenor is only really there to get you those extra Ressources for the first Round where you have 10 Cards.

Your first Ent Draught should go on Elrond, so he has 6 hitpoints and can survive against hardhitting enemies, or even take a 4 Attack Enemy undefended.

I like to have 1 Damage on all the Ents, so Booming Ent gets a massive Attackbonus, so Quests with Archery are very easy to handle, because Wellinghall Preserver can heal 2 Damage every Turn, if you need to soak lots of Archery.

If you have Galdor out and you have a card left at the end of the round, you can use his Reaction after you discard the Rest of your Hand. You can use Imladris Stargazer to see if that is actually worth it.

For Multiplayer you probably want to include Errand-rider so you can get some of the Resources you don't need to the other players, expecially once your Deck is empty. Bonus points if you can get someone to play Light of Valinor, Gondorian Shield or Armored Destrier for you. Will of the West can be nice aswell, but typically you will have lots of Cards you dont need in your Discard pile too, so it is probably not worth it.

I tried including Elrond's Counsel when i was having issue with threat, but I didn't like it, because you can only play it, once you have Vilya on the table.

I tried to make A Very Good Tale work, but it's just not really worth it with Ents, since the ones you play cannot be exhausted on the first round, and the ones you get from the Tale aren't ready either.