Glorfindel, Wellinghall, and the Nazgul

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skysnow 11

A solo deck to play against A Knife in the Dark scenario (Black Riders Saga), standard non-campaign.


  • Prevent Ringwraiths from entering the encounter deck


  • Use Wellinghall Preserver with A Burning Brand to defend against attacks
  • Get Firyal into play ASAP, preferably with The Prancing Pony travel effect
  • Use Gandalf as much as possible to reduce threat
  • Get Treebeard out early if possible
  • Equip Glorfindel with Asfaloth and Steward of Gondor
  • Use as many card draw effects as possible to thin out the deck as early as possible
  • Keep damage on Quickbeam to boost Booming Ent attack
  • Put Black Breath on Eleanor, Miner of the Iron Hills when convenient
  • Discard Squint-Eyed Southerner with Firyal
  • Turtle in Stage One, hopefully drawing Double Back
  • Don't quest with heroes unless absolutely necessary, then only with Glorfindel (EDIT: you may quest with ring-bearer Frodo of course)
  • Avoid exhausting the One Ring when exploring Stage Two
  • Low threat in Stage Three allows for a massive threat hit during questing but avoiding Nazgul
  • Optionally engage Nazgul as much as possible, clear Nazgul as soon as possible
  • Finish off Witch-king in one combat phase once 14+ attack strength is achieved