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SecondhandTook 453

SecondhandTook has a newer deck inspired by this one: Mono Tactics Hirgon

I know, I know. It's been quite awhile since Hirgon was released into the card pool and many people, including Seastan and his own take on the bearer of The Red Arrow.

After yesterday's Fellowship Event, and struggling to find a few key cards for another deck, I decided to go back through my current decks, document and catalogue them, and de-sleeve and re-sleeve as necessary. Hence this seemingly random Hirgon deck that will seem familiar to many who have played with him.


This deck can was created to be a Solo Deck but also works surprisingly well in multiplayer. This is thanks in no small part due to Théoden's willpower boosting shenanigans and the growing plethora of 2 willpower Tactics Heroes like Aragorn, Prince Imrahil and Merry.

Ideally you will be assisting with some strong early turn questing while slowly accumulating a unique band of allies to combat whatever threat the encounter dishes out. There's a smattering of 2-ofs in this deck to allow for some flexibility though there is an Eagle subtheme and an even smaller Silvan/Ranged subtheme. Many of these allies can be tweaked according to your playstyle or what type of quest you're up against.

Opening Hand and Mulligans

Chances are you are going to want an early defender since you're going to be questing with all three Heroes in the early turns. Look for Defender of Rammas or a Feint to give you some breathing room.

If questing isn't as much of a priority, then you can look for Raven-winged Helm or Golden Shield and have Theoden be your early defender while you play more aggressive allies like Azain Silverbeard or Knight of Minas Tirith. On that note, depending on the enemy layout, Knight of Minas Tirith can act as your "defender" since you'll be able to pull down an enemy and (hopefully) kill it before it even attacks.

While not Mulligan worthy, I'm always happy to see The Eagles Are Coming! in my opening hands mostly because I can immediately play it to start thinning out my deck.

Strategy and Synergies

I've already mentioned one of my favorites and that's using Hirgon's ability to play Knight of Minas Tirith after questing and laying waste to an enemy before they even have a chance to attack.

The sheer number of eagles in this list lends itself to creating some pretty beefy Eagles of the Misty Mountains, if that's your thing. Personally, I enjoy it and the "attachments" the Eagle creates can actually be chumped in lieu of more important attachments should a nasty shadow card make you discard an attachment.

Book of Eldacar is included because, well, we're monotactics and why not. It allows the deck to run more 2-ofs in the event category and also mitigates the sting of discarding to Longbeard Sentry's effect should you accidentally mill a crucial event.


I normally don't address the sideboard but since there is a smattering of good allies in the main list, I figured I should call out those that didn't make the cut. The sideboard is as such so you can tweak according to whatever quest. Chuck in some more Winged Guardian's or Defender of Rammas is you need a stronger defensive front. Steward of Orthanc is great for pure solo games and keeps the card draw flowing.

One ally that I haven't used yet but can see him working wonders is Riddermark Knight. If you want to trim the Eagle sub-theme then you can easily replace Vassal of the Windlord for Riddermark Knight. He even has an extra hitpoint for those oh-so-lovely archery quests.


I've always been a tactics fan. It's my favorite sphere. However, I always feel like a chump when I can only contribute measly amounts of willpower to the quest. With this list, I feel a little more competent in that regard and enjoy getting to throw down some discounted tactics allies. Always room for improvement but still a blast to play.


Dec 14, 2017 The BGamerJoe 2849

This hero lineup is one of my most reliable solo decks! I like your choice of allies. I highlighted your deck along with a couple other similar decks on the LOTR Testing Ground blog!

Dec 14, 2017 SecondhandTook 453

Just read the article actually. Thanks so much!! Glad you liked it :)