Thurindir the Snapping Turtle

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The BGamerJoe 2893

The BGamerJoe has a newer deck inspired by this one: Side Questing Through Belegost

The hardest part about a sidequest deck is that you need to actually complete sidequests right away or your deck flounders. This deck aims to start strong and complete several sidequests within the first few turns while it assembled a small band of elite allies to help charge through the quest after Thurindir’s lust for sidequest fun has been satisfied.

Opening Hand Look for the Vigilant Dúnadanin your opening along with at least one sidequest. Light of Valinor is always nice as well so you can quest for the full 10 and still have a decent defense out of Cirdan if you need it right away. The Long Defeat and The Road Goes Ever On are also nice to see since you can get value out of them right away.

Getting a Silver Harp on Cirdan right away is also massively helpful as ur doubles guy basic draw every turn.

Add The Storm Comes to your hand with Thurindir and try to complete it turn 1 or 2 so you can play the Vigilant Dúnadan right away.

Basic Play

Leverage your high starting willpower to complete several sidequests to power up your characters before moving on into completing standard quest stages. getting the Vigilant Dúnadan into play is your main priority so you can start dealing with enemies as they come. The Storm Comes/Vigilant Dúnadan is the only combo you really need and all the rest of the cards will help but aren’t necessary right away.

Thurindirgets Unexpected Courage and/or Wingfoot alone with his pipe and double Legacy Blade. Ideally he should be able to quest for 5-8 and attack for 8 twice when needed.

Eowyn not only keeps the starting threat low and provides a huge amount of starting willpower, but once she gets Snowmane and Golden Shield, she can defend against the larger enemies that the Dunedan isn’t so keen on facing. Once Rallying Cry has been completed, she can defend for 6 after questing for 5.

Cirdan provides more starting willpower, fast card draw and the opportunity for threat reduction by Elrond's Counsel. His favorite attachment is Silver Harp. Light of Valinor and Narya are nice on him but they aren’t high priority for this deck. He could provide a nice +4 boost for a timely Tale of Tinúviel, but I removed that card because I kept not using it (and everyone is doing it).

Arwen Undómiel, Warden of Healing Keep Watchand Honour Guard are all here to keep the Dunedan defending through the entire game.

The East Road Ranger is a little bit expensive, but you can play her on any given turn after you clear The Storm Comes and her 3 will help you continue to clear sidequests.

Thurindir is the primary killer, but Legolas can help and draw more cards while he’s at it.

I’ve found The Long Defeat massively helpful in multiplayer and worth including in a solo deck for its flexibility. Between Cirdan, Foe-hammer, The Long Defeat, Legolas and Daeron's Runes, you may draw your entire deck in a longer game. I would include 1x Will of the West in when going up against quests that tend to run long.

While the allies are a bit expensive, the sphere smoothing provided by The Storm Comes helps get them into play and I’ve found Proud Hunters to be plenty of resource acceleration.

After clearing The Storm Comes you can clear sidequests as they come into your hand or fetch whichever seems most advantageous at the moment with The Road Goes Ever On. Keep Watch and Rally the West are usually the next highest priority.

Once you’ve cleared a nice selection of sidequests your heroes will be questing for 16-18 willpower and either attacking or defending, the Dunedan will be doing most of the defending and the other allies will just be along for the ride.

I’ve tested this deck against some of the basic “test quests” and it’s done great, and I also managed to handily beat Escape from Umbar with it while clearing all these sidequests!

It is a bit of a “turtle deck,” but that 10 starting willpower gives it a “snappier” and more aggressive feel.

I’m having fun with it! Let me know how it works for you!


Feb 04, 2018 FolcoBoffin 171

Don't you use any scrying for Wingfoot? Or do you use it as a nice bonus if you chose the right category?

Feb 04, 2018 The BGamerJoe 2893

I’ve been guessing “enemy” every time and it’s working ok, but adding Henamarth to a deck never hurt anything! Wingfoot could be traded for another Unexpected Courage which is more reliable, but the Spirit resources just have more pressure on them.

Feb 04, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 1308

@FolcoBoffinUsually it's safe to name enemy for wingfoot because that is really the only time you need the readying: for combat

Feb 04, 2018 The BGamerJoe 2893

The only weakness for that tactic is if your remain engaged with an enemy at the end of the round. UC is certainly stronger but just takes longer to get out.

Feb 05, 2018 OKTarg 159

Thurindir is addictive, isn't he?

Feb 05, 2018 The BGamerJoe 2893

`@OKTarg He really is! Especially while playing the Angmar cycle! He’s a really good hero.

Mar 04, 2018 mak 1

I'm playing your deck in the last couple of days. Very fun and really strong. The one thing that sometimes screw the game is early game high attack engagements, because the deck lacks in the fighting department until properly set up.