Dual Sphere Ent deck, now with more Hobbits!

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Durins_Father 1368

This is the Quickbeam Deck I have used for the last 2 months now, and have had a lot of success with. The deck has a lot of healing to make sure that you can trigger Quickbeam often enough for combat and his 2 comes in handy as well. Note that Quickbeam is still limited to 1 ready with his ability per phase, so there are no Boromir level shenanigans going on here.

Lets first talk about the attachments, as they are crucial to this deck. Everybody can get an Ent Draught, I would suggest putting the first on Quickbeam, then Pippin, then Elrond. Fast Hitch can go on Pippin to make sure you can use him to exhaust for encounter card effects and to help him survive direct damage from treacheries. A Burning Brand is still a funny card to add in an Ent deck, so this can go on Elrond as he is the best character to handle defence. Lembas is the key attachment for Quickbeam and should definitely be placed on him to heal most of his damage and provide him with more action advantage. Magic Ring + Vilya is my go-to combo with the new ring. Play the top card of your deck for the cost of 1 point of threat. Mulligan for either attachment, especially the Magic Ring, as it is only a 1-off. Protector of Lórien can go on Elrond to boost his defence by discarding cards you don't need. There are not many duplicate uniques in this deck, but there are some high-cost cards that you won't need. Self Preservation can also go on Quickbeam for more consistent healing if you don't find your Lembas.

I have gone with this hero line-up because I wanted to show off Quickbeam. He requires a fair amount of healing, so Elrond has an obvious choice. This also covers the 2 spheres in which the Ent allies reside and . For resource smoothing I wanted to add an additional hero, with a low threat cost, as Quickbeam and Elrond have quite high starting threat. I have toyed with Mirlonde, but there was really no point in using her over Pippin who offers more card draw and opens up The Dam Bursts. A starting threat of 31 is quite reasonable. for most decks. With this line-up, you can get your Ent allies out early. You will always be able to pay for the 2-cost allies, as Elrond has every sphere if he pays for allies. Treebeard will provide players with even more resources to be spent on Ent cards (this includes Ent Draught).

The cards to mulligan for in this deck are Magic Ring, Treebeard, Lembas, and Vilya. Besides this, it is good to get some allies out early as well.

Once this deck is rolling, you will find that Quickbeam is a very strong character to smash little orcs with. I have had a lot of fun squashing Goblins in the Dwarrowdelf cycle with his base 4. He can start the round by committing his 2 willpower to the quest. Damage him during the quest phase to ready him back up. He is now at 3/5 or 5/7 hitpoints. He is now able to defend a light attack which should damage him no more than 2-3 hitpoints, depending on whether or not you have Ent Draught. If the damage from the attack deals too much damage, heal the first 2 points off with Self Preservation. Once Quickbeam takes damage from the attack, play Boomed and Trumpeted to ready him to a 7 attack character. You can now hit back (or defend again by popping a Lembas). You will be able to heal Quickbeam again for 2 damage on him, and you can heal 4 off and ready him with each copy of Lembas. The Dam Bursts will also be able to ready him alongside any other damaged Ents in the deck.

This deck is great for healing damage off of the beefy Ent allies, so be kind and take a lot of Archery. This will help your Booming Ent, Leaflock and your The Dam Bursts. If you would ever lose a Hero, you will have The Houses of Healing to fall back to. Defence wise, this deck can be a bit slow to get going, but it makes up for this in swarming Ent allies with Vilya and making sure that those allies hit hard. The only thing that I lack in this deck are Ranged characters, but that could be fixed by adding in some Ranged Silvans. A deck for another time perhaps.

Try this deck against a scenario to find out how hasty Quickbeam actually is. I have enjoyed my runs against Flight of the Stormcaller (Ents on boats made out of their flesh), but also against enemy heavy quests like 7th level.

Finally, I would like to just plug my new blog once on this site. The blog offers strategy guides for each scenario in the game. I have done quite some testing with this deck against such quests. If you would like to help us complete analyses on all quests asap, contact me via the website: https://visionofthepalantir.wordpress.com/


May 21, 2018 IstariKnight 17

The numbers in your deck look great. This looks like the ideal setup for a Quickbeam deck. One question - save you had success with Beechbone? In my games, he usually just quests.

I'm excited to look over my own ent deck and see if I can't smooth out my numbers a bit more.

May 21, 2018 Durins_Father 1368

Beechbone is indeed a good quester, but if the deck gets rolling, it should be pumping out enough willpower to allow you to keep Beechbone back. If he absorbed some Archery or other direct damage, he will be a great tool to defeat some enemies on his own, especially if they have high and low hitpoints.