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Maogrim 97

Sadly this not so much of a theme deck, but I found it incredibly fun to play, and it's not bad either. The main focus is to get these fantastic Harad allies on the table as fast as possible. GrĂ­ma helps you to put Steward of Gondor into play in turn one, while you're still able to pay for up to 2 allies. Not a bad start at all!

Card draw is taken care of by Deep Knowledge, Daeron's Runes and Heed the Dream. Ressources are absolutely no problem. Should a certain adventure need more healing than the Warden of Healing can handle, feel free to tag Ioreth in! With all these allies, further pumped up by Kahliel's Headdress or Sword that was Broken, questing should work very reliably. Due to a high starting threat and the amount of doomed you might get into to trouble fast, but Aragorn and Gandalf will lead you back into safety.

Combat might be an issue, but this needs more testing. Comments and constructive criticism are more than welcome!