Thoughts Toward Mordor

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GrandSpleen 431

This deck also included 1 copy of the Sting boon attachment, but didn't draw it in the final playthrough.

The deck includes 51 cards (52 with the boon), but Thurindir would fish out a side quest at the start of the game, making it function like any other 50 card deck. Rally the West was the key side quest. Scout Ahead was included to allow me to stall on stage 2, but I didn't draw it when I needed it so it was never played. I discarded it later for Arwen's ability. Fellowship of the Ring was the other key card. I put it in this deck because this one had better draw capability.

Healing was crucial, and the Warden of Healing worked overtime. Elrond had Steward of Gondor, so I was getting 4 Lore resources each turn. That meant a single Warden could heal three times (once, then ready for 2 resources, heal again, then ready for 2 more resources, and heal a third time). I used that in at least three different rounds, and made up for the lost Lore resources through Gandalf's Staff (in the other deck) and Arwen's ability.

Ranger Spikes ended up being a pretty important card, nullfying threat and removing the need to defend AND attack. Hero actions were very important, being a nearly ally-less deck, and Ranger Spikes saves a minimum of one action (defense), but likely more (multiple defenses and attacks over one or more rounds). I caught two Big Uruks, who are very good targets for that card.

Thror's Map is useful in Mount Doom, but I didn't draw it until it was too late. I never used it on the final playthrough. In other playthroughs, I used it to travel to Old Water-course or Plain of Gorgoroth. In the last playthrough, I never went to Old Water-course because I couldn't afford to pay the travel cost (each deck exhausts a hero). There were several rounds when I simply didn't have an active location.

I specifically included a Dunedain hero because I thought Heirs of Earendil would be really useful. It wasn't. I had enough location control between Asfaloth and Rhovanion Outriders in the other deck. I drew Heirs once but discarded it to Arwen.

Expert Treasure-hunter was useful for both decks. I had two copies out, one on Glorfindel in the other deck and one on Arwen. I ended up not using the DĂșnedain Pipe and discarded it to Arwen or a Daeron's Runes.


Mar 04, 2018 GrandSpleen 431

I forgot to link the Fellowship that this deck belongs to:

Mar 05, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 681

What you would you suggest for substituting Heirs of Earendil and Dunedain Pipe?

Mar 05, 2018 GrandSpleen 431

I wouldn't sub those actually. I didn't use them when I won, but depending on the board state they could be very useful. I didn't need Dunedain Pipe when I drew it, but if I didn't currently have any other draw, it would be great to see. If you were going to take out Thurindir, then Mithrandir's Advice would be the same cost and get you 2 cards.