Requiem of a Green Dragon

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Devaresh 1230

““But I would dearly like to see Bywater again, and Rosie Cotton and her brothers, and the Gaffer...

...But even as hope died in Sam, or seemed to die, it was turned to a new strength. Sam’s plain hobbit-face grew stern, almost grim, as the will hardened in him, and he felt through all his limbs a thrill, as if he was turning into some creature of stone and steel that neither despair nor weariness nor endless barren miles could subdue.”

-The Return of the King, chapter 3 Mount Doom-

I have been working on this particular hobbit deck since the release of Rosie Cotton, with the hopes of taking it through a saga campaign. (I’ve gotten through the first five so far) I love the theme of the power of Sam’s memory solidifying into his resolve, and this card translates it beautifully into the game. I wanted something slightly different than the older hobbit decks centered on secrecy, or pumping out a bunch of powerful allies, and this is what I have arrived at.

At its core it is a voltron style deck. Sword-thain goes on Rosie and you pump her will power which translates to questing, defense, or attack as needed. The challenge came in how to give a stronger consistency to survive the set up. Halfling Determination helps cover the gap, and can combo with Rosie to count for double in the questing phase for some incredible pushes. A couple Dagger of Westernesse and Merry help ease the burden of attack power while Rosie sets up, and Sam Gamgee is our defender.

I haven’t found need for much threat reduction but Gandalf can come in to help if necessary. Folco Boffin also gives a release valve if things get really bad but primarily he buys us two extra turns in secrecy in the beginning. By the time my threat passes the enemy negating my hobbit bonuses, Rosie is typically ready to go and I don’t need them anymore.

Resource smoothing comes in the form of the neutral cost cards which get even better when played in saga thanks to our good old fellowship friend! When playing saga replace Peace, and Thought with Frodo's Intuition.

This is primarily a solo deck but it can hold its own very well in both questing and combat in mulitplayer provided its paired with a combat capable deck. Once it gets going it can halt a balrog in its tracks, and spike damage through some pretty high defense. What I love most about it is that it gives interesting choices. Who quests, and who is held back? How to I manage combat? Who gets the second Fast Hitch? (The first one goes on Rosie of course) There’s so many potential tricks and combos here I feel like I’m only scratching the surface.

In your opening hand you want a Resourceful which needs to get onto Folco Boffin first, then Sam Gamgee, and if the stars align Rosie Cotton to fuel Song of Hope. If you don’t get it though card draw, Master of the Forge in particular, should get you there with reasonable consistency. Sneak Attack Gandalf can help with threat but I typically use him for questing and the direct damage. Another good target is Rivendell Minstrel to get some missing pieces for Rosie.

If you are like me and greatly enjoyed your times running around as a halfling rogue in your dungeons and dragons day, then this may be the deck for you!


Mar 30, 2018 The BGamerJoe 1449

I just beat Dungeons of Cirith Gurat with this. A potent deck! Lots of pieces included here. Nice work.

Mar 30, 2018 Devaresh 1230

@The BGamerJoeThanks! I’m glad to hear it worked well for Dungeons! I haven’t that far in my Harad cycle quests but I’m looking forward to it!

Mar 31, 2018 The BGamerJoe 1449

I played a few more games with this deck and featured it on my blog:

You have an excellent Hobbit deck here!

Mar 31, 2018 Devaresh 1230

@The BGamerJoeThanks again! Enjoyed your write up on the blog!

Just as an update for anyone who is interested in deck for saga campaign; I did clear the final quest of the Road Darkens box and managed to squeeze through a victory in the first quest of the Treason of Saruman in order to rescue poor Merry, so that makes the first 7 saga quests done with this deck.

Apr 03, 2018 FolcoBoffin 114

Awesome Deck, Hobbits ae some of my favourite decks to play!