¡Las Chingonas!

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Beorn 5493

Beorn has updated this deck: ¡Las Chingonas!

I am no man!
-Éowyn, one of the most chingona characters ever written

This deck is filled with all sorts of fun interactions. It might not seem like much at first glance, but it can end up being quite powerful. With a good draw and few rounds to setup it can handle all aspects of the game with ease. While this may seem odd to say about a deck which starts at 23 threat, but the key is to get into secrecy as quickly as possible.

The ideal opening hand will have Elrond's Counsel and Resourceful. You can drop your threat to 20 during the first round and then attach Resourceful to Na'asiyah. Obviously you won't be able to rely on the ideal opening hand every game, but we have many options to help us get setup. Galadriel's ability not only helps you draw into the cards you are looking for, but it keeps your threat low in the mean time.

Beyond this, The Galadhrim's Greeting and Island Amid Perils can help you drop your threat low enough to play Resourceful. I particularly enjoy using Island Amid Perils to return a copy of Galadriel's Handmaiden or Galadhrim Minstrel to my hand. A nice side effect of all of the threat reduction is that we should have time to setup without having to worry about most enemies. Nenya along with Éowyn's 4 willpower means that this deck is excellent at questing, even before allies enter the picture.

Thanks to Galadriel's passive effect, allies are ready to help with combat the round they enter play. Other than Dúnedain Hunter, the allies don't have any relevant combat stats but that doesn't stop them from being used for chump blocking. Silvan Refugee is an especially good choice for this unfortunate role.

The allies are just here for support, the real strength of this deck is in the three strong female heroes. Éowyn gets Herugrim and Snowmane and serves as our primary quester. Once she has the sword and readying she can use Battle-fury and Quick Strike, and her once-per-game ability to kill an engaged enemy. Just one example of a fun combo in this deck is to use Dúnedain Hunter to engage an enemy during the planning phase. Then, during the quest phase you can exhaust Galadriel and Nenya to give +4 willpower to Éowyn. Finally, you can play Battle-fury (and pay the kicker) to attack the engaged enemy for 9 and then commit 8 willpower to the quest. This is clearly a complex combination, but the various pieces can still be useful on their own.

As for defense, Na'asiyah with resourceful is a great starting point. Raiment of War of war is the perfect supplement to her already solid combat stats. Likewise, Captain of Gondor is excellent once Na'asiyah has readying. Most of the Tactics cards in this deck only cost 1 resource, so you should typically be able avoid spending resources from Na'asish's pool on Attachments and Events. Our only Tactics ally doesn't actually have a cost, this deck is not hindered by her passive effect, in any case.

It's a quirky deck, but one that highlights the power of these unique women in many interesting ways.


Apr 07, 2018 Taurelin 170

Excellent work. I love the way you manage to include two mechanics based on two of my favourite heroes in one deck.

1) Pseudo-secrecy with Galadriel and reduction-effects.

2) Giving Na'asiyah additional ressources without relying on Steward of Gondor.

The only things I would reconsider are the attachments. You play a bunch of 1-ofs without any way of finding them. Master of the Forge seems an obvious solution, especially with Nenya and Harvest in the deck. And for Na'asiyah I think that Firefoot is the perfect boost, but that is a matter of personal preference.

Apr 08, 2018 Beorn 5493

Thanks for the kind words, @Taurelin. Master of the Forge is a good idea in this deck. I dowant to clarify that the inclusion of 1 copy of attachments like Raiment of War and Captain of Gondor is intentional and these cards are more of a nice to have supplement for Na'asiyah than essential. In both cases I did not include additional copies because they would be dead cards after you draw the first copy. As for th single copy of Miruvor, that is to accommodate those who only have a single core set. If you multiple cores, feel free to replace it with Unexpected Courage.

The card draw afforded by Galadriel is consistent but I don’t want to risk dead draws, especially in the critical early rounds. In any case, with Master of the Forge is an excellent fit for this deck and I will try him in the next version. I can also see adding one copy of Firefoot but I would limit it to a singleton for the above reasons. Thanks for your feedback!

Apr 09, 2018 DurinVoronwe 1

Nice deck! This is the sort of deck that I like, a lot of small combos and 1 of attachments. I see that you chose to leave out Mirror, what are your thoughts on that (with or without the harp)?

Apr 09, 2018 Beorn 5493

I could definitely see Mirror fitting in this deck. I’ll have to try it out in the next version.