Rohan Siege and Battle (Heirs of Numenor, 3rd Cycle, 1/2)

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Rohan Rises Against The Shadow (Heirs of Numenor, 3rd Cycle)
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tigormiti 653

This is a deck that successfully took me through the whole 3rd cycle (Against the Shadow) in 2-handed play. It specializes in battle/siege questing, defense and offense, and is paired with a questing Rohan deck called “Early Risers from Rohan” that I’m publishing as well.


The deck is pretty simple and revolves around the heroes. Éomer handles offense and battle questing using Firefoot + Gúthwinë. Fresh Tracks helps set up his ability. Since he gets Steward of Gondor and/or Rune-master, he can ready thanks to Heir of Mardil.

Erkenbrand handles the defense and siege questing. I found him with copies of Armored Destrier (boosted by Elfhelm) and/or Dúnedain Warning to simply be the best defender in the game, to the point where mulliganing for Armored Destrier is well worth it against some quests.

Card discussion

Why 3 copies of Weather Hills Watchman ? Certainly the guy whiffs a lot, but the reasons for his inclusion are that he’s a good 2-hit point chump blocker, and he can shuffle the deck if you’re not satisfied with what Galadriel revealed from your deck.

Hunting Party is not necessary, but I was able to use it against Black Númenorean (the hooded guy in Blood of Gondor), which was nice.

3rd cycle considerations

The 3rd cycle is pretty friendly with chump blocking, since most shadow cards only up the strength of the attacker. That’s why a card such as Snowbourn Scout is so valuable. He’s like a Feint, except he can be recycled with Gúthwinë every turn. As an added bonus, his ability has come in quite handy, as he can help explore troublesome starting locations such as The Crossroads in The Blood of Gondor (which adds the siege keyword to the current quest). He can also be paired with The Riddermark's Finest to get rid of locations with 3 quest points such as Morgul Vale in The Morgul Vale.

I included 2 side quests in this deck (+ 2 others in the other deck) to allow myself to quest normally. This can be very useful in The Siege of Cair Andros, where normal questing helps explore Battleground locations, freeing the defenders from questing duties and letting them do what they’re supposed to do.


The quest log will be published in the Fellowship containing this deck. Link : Rohan Rises Against The Shadow (Heirs of Numenor, 3rd Cycle)


May 02, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 822

Those shadows that deal one damage to the defender sure aren’t chump block friendly. That makes the Weather Hills Watchman all the better.

May 02, 2018 tigormiti 653

Yes, I agree. Overall though, I found them quite rare compared to the insane shadow effect chains that keep upping the attack strength.

Mar 02, 2019 FearlessFenn 4

I just finished up the whole Heirs cycle with this fellowship and had a blast! I enjoy playing more thematic decks and this certainly fit the bill with Rohan coming to the rescue since Gondor apparently can’t handle its business.

I did sub a few cards in, in particular Tides of Fate was key to handling the nasty shadow cards that raise attack power. Other than that, I played pretty much intact except for some substitutions in Seige of Cair Andros to boost everyone’s defense for those ridiculous Seige quest cards.

Mar 02, 2019 tigormiti 653

@FearlessFenn That’s very nice of you to report here ! Great to hear, thanks man !