Not canon, but still powerful (Dunedain Ranger edition)

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Durins_Father 1590

When Thurindir was announced, I was quite excited to see the Side Quest decks getting a dedicated hero. I also enjoy the fact that FFG keeps inventing non-canon characters as a way to avoid uniqueness problems (or they just strip away the symbol on a character. Since I personally enjoy playing the more supportive decks, I decided to make one with two other FFG Dunedain Rangers: Beravor and Idraen (Sorry Amarthiúl)

This deck is great in a party of 4 players, as it will support the group with sufficient willpower, location management and the occasional combat trick. The deck has also worked in solo against quests that are a little light on combat or are just plain and simple. I have managed to win with this deck in true solo against

  • The Hills of Emyn Muil
  • The Long Dark
  • Encounter at Amon Din
  • Temple of the Deceived (with a lot of luck)

The deck's strengths lie in solid willpower, some readying, and some great attacking stats once you explore a couple of side-quests. As such, I reckon it will do ok against some of the Angmar Awakened quests, as they tend to have a fair number of side-quests (same holds for some Haradrim quests). The problems that this deck runs into is with Defending and with Healing. I know I can add a couple of cards to do this for me, but this deck is a straight digitalization of the physical deck I use often. The defending and healing cards are spread out among some of the other decks I use (all 13 of them). As such, players might want to improve the backbone of this deck a little by adding Warden of Healing, A Test of Will, Jubayr or some other defenders. In a multiplayer environment, you will be relying on your fellow players to defend and heal for you. In return, you can make sure to clear side-quests, giving the party extra buffs.

Lets talk about the cards in the deck a little, mainly attachments. You will likely want to see a Song of Travel in your starting hand, to help with resource smoothing. The deck has some high cost allies, so getting your songs out early should help a lot. Master of the Forge can also help finding these songs for you if you don't happen to draw into them. Warden of Arnor will go on Idraen, allowing her to clear any non-immune 1 quest point location that gets revealed. The Legacy Blades are mostly meant for Idraen and Thurindir as they will help these characters with combat. Idraen will fit for a comfortable 3 or higher if you manage to clear a location that round. Thurindir can commit to the quest with his unlimited willpower thanks to the side-quests in this deck. Then, you might be able to ready him during questing with Wingfoot or Unexpected Courage. If you find Wingfoot before UC, you can also attack UC to Beravor for additional cards. More readying on Thurindir can also be good, with those blades he becomes a monster.

Magic Ring has become a staple to my decks, and will usually provide additional resources for Idraen in order to pay for the more expensive allies. It can also serve as a readying effect for her in case you don't explore a location that turn. Windfola also goes on her, just because it is cheap willpower and allows her to stay committed to the quest if a treachery should remove her.

In terms of allies, the Lindon Navigator I often find defending for me. I quest with her and can then chuck a copy of The Evening Star for her. If you find your hand flushed with expensive cards, you can also feed them to the Navigator. While her stats may not suit her for a defensive roll, Arwen Undómiel makes her at least absorb the attack of a 3 enemy.

The rest of the deck should speak for itself, pick Gather Information as your first side-quest to get it out of the way early. You can use its effect to find another side-quest (The Storm Comes most of the time) in case you don't find a copy of The Road Goes Ever On in your first few turns. Beravor is still a good hero and can be used for a variety of tasks. Drawing cards or committing her to the quest is what I usually find myself doing.