Sam the Destroyer

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Cav Fan 45

Cav Fan has updated this deck: Sam the Destroyer (Glorfindel Build)

Cav Fan has updated this deck: Sam the Destroyer (Arwen Build)

Having listened to an old episode of COTR about the Black Riders box and whether Sam Gamgee gets bonuses each time an enemy engages, I was thinking about a way for Sam Gamgee to get bigger and beefier.

Enter Scorpagorn.

This is a multiplayer deck that tries to pull all of the enemies over in order.

Firstly, keep the threat down so that the enemies are engaged in the correct order. Elrond's Counsel, Gandalf, Well Warned.

An enemy has to engage to be killed to start things off, therefore the DĂșnedain Warnings are for Sam Gamgee with Rosie Cotton as back up.

Rohan Warhorse, Arod and DĂșnedain Mark for Aragorn

Snowbourn Scout for a chump block and to provide a Scout for Well Warned, Westfold Outrider also provides this function.

I had initially wanted Glorfindel for this deck but he had already been bagsyed by my playing companion I had to settle on Arwen as the only way of getting access to Elrond's Counsel.


Jun 10, 2018 Alonewolf87 92

@Cav Fan Perhaps I am missing something but how do you play Well Warned without a unique Scout character?

Jun 11, 2018 Cav Fan 45

@Alonewolf87Good spot, maybe I should read the card, I missed the "Unique" bit.

Sighs.... Back to the drawing board then

Jun 11, 2018 Alonewolf87 92

@Cav Fanperhaps Ceorl? or Fearless Scout for one of the heroes?

Jun 11, 2018 Cav Fan 45

@Alonewolf87 Thanks for your comments and suggestions, I have refined this deck into 2 builds posted in the "inspiration for" section below