Sam the Destroyer (Glorfindel Build)

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Cav Fan 45

Having listened to an old episode of COTR about the Black Riders box and whether Sam Gamgee gets bonuses each time an enemy engages, I was thinking about a way for Sam to get bigger and beefier.

Enter Scorpagorn.

This is a multiplayer deck that tries to pull all of the enemies over in order.

Firstly, keep the threat down so that the enemies are engaged in the correct order. Elrond's Counsel, Gandalf, once we have a Scout either via Ceorl or Fearless Scout, Well Warned becomes an option.

An enemy has to engage to be killed to start things off, therefore the DĂșnedain Warning/Hobbit Cloaks are for Sam with Rosie Cotton as back up.

Rohan Warhorse, Arod, and DĂșnedain Mark for Aragorn

Westfold Outrider adds additional or can drag over an enemy to start the killing.

Finally Steed of Imladris is there to make use of those extra uniques that are no longer necessary.

This deck does have card draw issues but as we are going to go into the Ringmaker cycle next the less cards the better.

Quick shout out to @Alonewolf87 for helping refine the deck